Adjoint streamlines

Adjoint is a distributed ledger technology company that offers flexible, scalable solutions for global finance. We empower finance teams and enable technological advancement through platforms that securely exchange value and automate business processes. Adjoint’s Apex treasury platform achieves transparency, data security, and efficiency for intercompany lending and cash management. Using APIs, we integrate with companies’ existing systems and bank accounts, to instantly record transactions, driving cost and time savings in real time end- to-end processes.

How We Started

Adjoint was founded in 2016 with the belief that the current technology supporting finance and the global economy can be greatly improved to ensure a future that is more transparent and stable. We help multinational corporations support the increasing demands of customers and stakeholders of the on-demand economy to securely exchange value.

Our Mission

We empower the technologically advancing business world by creating platforms that automate business processes and translate through multinational corporates to encourage transparency, efficiency and security. We seek to continually improve and learn from our stakeholders to ultimately exceed the expectations and needs of our global clients.

The Future

Our vision is to support global financial and economic enablement through a strong technological infrastructure. By enabling companies to digitally transform their business, we encourage leading transparency, efficiency and security as a global culture.


Partner with Us

We partner with and support entrepreneurs who seek to disrupt the traditional finance ecosystem. Meet our current partners, Certifical and Mosaique. Certificial provides real time insurance verification and Mosaique is driving efficency for the prime brokerage lifecycle. Contact us to explore how to take your idea to the next level!


Join the Team

The Adjoint team is hiring ambitious individuals who have an interest in advancing the state of the art in smart contracts and changing the large-scale structure of markets. We’re a diverse group of individuals from different backgrounds (finance, physics, medicine) who all believe in world-class engineering and product design through a strong team that values diligence, deep understanding and honesty.

Available Positions here
Applicants must be authorized to work in the United States or United Kingdom. Adjoint is not able to sponsor visas outside for nationals outside the European Union or United States.
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